Dynacord mixer training

Dynacord mixer training


As the use of Dynacord mixers is very common in Iran, I intend to provide you with complete tutorials on this mixer on the MixSeda website.

The first thing about these tutorials is that the tutorials are my personal experience and may have some drawbacks. If you have any issues or ambiguities in these tutorials, please let us know in the comments section.

Secondly, these tutorials are expressed in plain language and can be easily learned by first-time users of Dynacord mixers. The third of these tutorials is for the Dynacord 600, 1000, 1600 and 2200 models.

However, many parts of it are general concepts and can be used in many other mixers. The fourth point is that in Dynacord mixers there is not much difference between CMS and PM models, so many of these parts are common among power mixers and no power mixers. And the last point is that this tutorial series does not include the PM 502 mixer, although some content is related to this mixer.


Dynacord mixers are used in many councils, schools and mosques. The reason for this reception is actually the low price of these mixers relative to their capabilities. Furthermore, learning Dinacor devices is very simple and does not take much time. What we are faced with is that in many places all the capabilities of these mixers are not being used properly; My purpose in writing this is to help the sound engineers minimize the recording pain points, especially in the staff.

In future articles, I will introduce Dynacord mixers and how to work with them. I sincerely hope the Dynacord device training will be useful to you. Below, I suggest that to view Dynacord training related content in plain language, simply click on any of the topics mentioned in the following section.


Dynacord mixer training


Training topics

For your convenience, dear ones, I prefer to express the chapters of this training on this page so that you can choose the training you want by visiting this page in the future.

  1. Mixer microphone input
  2. Line input in the mixer
  3. Insert jack in mixer
  4. gain in the mixer
  5. Lo Cut button on the sound mixer
  6. Voice filter button on the sound mixer
  7. Parametric equalizer
  8. FX Volume in Dynacord mixer
  9. Audio output volumes in each row
  10. pan Volume in the sound mixer
  11. Pre Fader Listen
  12. Mute button in Dynacord mixer
  13. Feeders and signal lights in sound mixers
  14. Effect control jack in Dynacord mixer
  15. Fx Send output
  16. Apply effects to MON and AUX outputs
  17. Apply effects in Master
  18. AUX in Dynacord mixers
  19. Mon in Dynacord mixers
  20. RCA inputs and outputs
  21. Dynacord device outputs
  22. Power amp input in Dynacord mixer
  23. Dynacord mixer lamp input
  24. Standby button in the sound mixer
  25. Graphic equalizer
  26. Amplifier power control light
  27. Digital screen in Dynacord mixer

I think you will know everything and be able to easily set up a mixer using these 27 about Dynacord mixer tutorials. If you think I haven't explained the article, thank you for letting us know through this page.

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