Privacy notice

Mixseda respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. This policy informs you about how your privacy, how you protect your personal data when you visit our site (no matter where you are) and how you interact with Mixseda, as well as your rights and privacy laws.

How to keep your p‌rivacy

The Mix Seda site has always tried to use the safest facilities to provide the best content for you users and to keep this web platform safe, it has cost a lot and many experts have been consulted so that this content can be provided to you dear ones for free. . .


Collected data and inforXmation

The information collected by the Mixseda site includes the following:

  • User connection information and their requirements for accessing the Mixseda site
  • Information about the content you use and the keywords you enter when searching for those words.
  • Data relating to the registration and order of goods (in the case of purchase of products or execution of a procedure on the site that requires authentication).

Of course, we need your address and details to send you a product, we also keep this data by default for your next purchase or by permanently deleting this information from the site databases at the customer's written request we make.


How to protect your personal data

Your data is collected in various ways and encrypted with Mixseda's central servers so that no one can share this data.

After the exchange of this information, it is stored in the database (SQL Server) of the Mixseda site. To be reused if necessary.


How we use the collected data

The Sound Mix site uses your data only for the following:

  • Send orders
  • Improve your content and articles
  • Follow the questions and problems related to the site and its content
  • Keep track of users' previous orders
  • Run the process requested by the user at the Mixseda site

Please note that Mixseda is not legally or ethically able to sell or make its database available.


Your privacy rights

You can sue Mixseda at any time in the area of ​​privacy violations by providing evidence.

Please note that the Mixseda site is subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and we ask you to inform us of any discrepancies with the rules within the site.