pan Volume in the sound mixer

pan Volume in the sound mixer

Volume pen in analog mixers

In Dynacord mixers, there is a volume called Pan at the bottom of the Aux and Mon volumes. This volume is used to adjust the signal input to the left (left) and right (right) channels.

In simpler language, this volume determines what percentage of the signal goes to the left and right channels. In many older standing mixers this volume is also known as Balance.

In some mixers this volume is not available for each row of sounds separately. And instead of this volume, there is a total balance volume for the output sound. Well, in fact, these types of mixers are less common these days.

Usually in mixers, the letters "R" and "L" are written next to this letter. Indicating the direction of the audio channels. However, this volume offers a very simple possibility for the recorder.

But this Pan volume can be very useful. This volume is used when two singers or two fans are singing at the same time.

Also, in some applications, they point to ceiling microphones. Because when the sound of ceiling mics is stereo, it has a much greater effect on the sound. Like recorded live music.

Volume pen in digital mixers

This mixer is also available in digital mixers. The only difference is that in these mixers the volume pen is digital. And it's easier to adjust because the device itself shows the exact percentage of the amount of sound going into the left and right channels.

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