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Digital screen in Dynacord mixer

Adjusting all the features and capabilities of the screen is done by five buttons and a rotary screw. Although the digital screen is rarely seen in the Dynacord mixer, it is one of the most useful items.

Amplifier power control light

Amplifier power control light is commonly seen in power mixers. However, in some mixers, this light is also available to control the volume of the output sound.

Graphic equalizer

In graphic equalizers, sound equalization is done more accurately, and in fact you can say that your hands are more open to equalize the sound. This type of equalizer was very common on older radios.

Standby button in the sound mixer

Mixers usually have a standby button in addition to the on / off button. This button is actually the mixer standby mode. Turn off all input and output signals when this button is on.

Dynacord mixer lamp input

What you see on many mixers is a lamp input (LAMP). Most mixers have this input for the convenience of the recorder.

Power amp input in Dynacord mixer

Inputs Power Amp is for connecting the device or side mixers to the power device of Dynacord device. That is, use this input to use the device power independently.

Dynacord device outputs

In Dynacord devices, apart from Mon and Aux outputs, there are a number of outputs, which include the main master output, the Master B output, and the headphone output.

Mon in Dynacord mixers

One of the most important outputs in Dynacord mixers that you can use is the MON output. There are two Moon output channels in Dynacord mixers.

AUX in Dynacord mixers

Aux Send Output is commonly used to capture output for an effector, power amplifier, or recorder. Of course, in some cases, this output is also used to connect active bands, which is not very common.

Apply effects in Master

Applying effects and adjusting the volume of sound drops is very important. How much you set the sound effects for a sound job helps you keep your sound effects clear and noise-free in the output sound.