Blog posts of '2022' 'October'

what is security identifier

SID stands for security identifiers. In Windows operating systems, there are identifiers called SIDs, which actually determine the security level of users and groups. In the first operating systems created by Microsoft there was no user.

Authentication methods

Authentication methods are methods by which a computer system authenticates you. Before we begin, I want to note that many of these elements are not part of network + and I am just explaining these elements for familiarity.

What is local security database?

LSD stands for local security database. LSD's job is to store user information that should be locally on a computer. This information includes usernames, passwords, etc.

Networks in terms of managing access to resources

One of the network divisions is based on managing access to resources. Access to a network can be managed in two modes, workgroup and domain mode.

Network equipment and components

In the social network we call the connection of two or more people who have gathered around each other for a specific purpose, a network of friends. Now, this goal can be sharing content, exchanging an item, or whatever.

Network plus course training

There is a company called comptia, which for the first time has decided to define a series of practical courses for students who want to decide on a job or a field.