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pan Volume in the sound mixer

In Dynacord mixers, there is a volume called Pan at the bottom of the Aux and Mon volumes. This volume is for adjusting the signal input to the left (Left) and right (Right) channels.

Audio output volumes in each row

Except for the old analog mixers, usually in all mixers we have a volume to get the output in each sound row. You may want to record some of the lines separately.

FX Volume in Dynacord mixer

Effect or echo (FX) volumes in Dynacord mixers are located below the parametric equalizer of each line. In general, the effects are known by the letters "FX" both in software and devices.

Parametric equalizer

Parametric equalizer In most analog mixers we have a parametric equalizer to adjust the volume of each line. Even in many digital mixers, this equalizer…

Voice filter button on the sound mixer

The Voice Filter button on Dynacord mixers is located below the Lo Cut button. The function of this button is to increase the oscillation in the sound signal.

Lo Cut button on the sound mixer

The Lo Cut button on Dynacord mixers is located below the Gain volume. This button is used to remove sounds with a frequency lower than 80 Hz.

gain in the mixer

Gain volume in the mixer is one volume below the input sections of each channel. The job of this volume is to amplify the sound and adjust the amount of input signals from each of the sound rows to the mixer.

Insert jack in mixer

Insert jack in the mixer is made for simultaneous input and output of sound. If you remember, in the previous article I told you that the microphone input (Mic) and Line (Line) are not used simultaneously.

Line input in the mixer

Line input is commonly used to connect electronic devices. Electronic tools such as a computer, lab, or any high-level signal device such as additional mixers, effects, and so on.

Mixer microphone input

This input, also known as the Mic input in mixers, usually has an XLR connector. This connector is usually used to connect a microphone to mixers. This type of input is also known as a cannon.