Digital mixers

Digital mixers

What is a digital mixer?

In effect, digital mixers are computers that perform audio work through digital circuits and not through analog circuits; That's why they have more capabilities than analog mixers.

Weakness of analog mixers

The biggest drawback of analog gear is indirect access to effects. Some effects can be accessed directly, such as echo, delay, equalizer (which is an effect in itself) and other effects that can be created with analog circuitry, and this is an important and significant point.

But it becomes more difficult when we need digital effects or professional effects with multiple settings and sound production.

What is a digital mixer?

While this can be done with a computer, the limited size of a computer, or even a tablet, makes input and output difficult and access is very limited (both in the studio and especially live and live) .

Since they are not made for this purpose, and no matter how powerful they are, the number of inputs and outputs is still limited. That's why they made these devices.

If we have a computer on which we can easily program, create melodies and play with a multimedia controller, we have many inputs, effects and latency, time and horoscope effects, equalizer effects, average effects, harmony and it has all the other features, we call it digital mixer .


What is a digital mixer?


Advantages of the digital mixer over analog

We might be able to do all the work of a digital mixer with analog, but with very complex setups, big circuits, but with processors the sound can be simulated, so you don't need all those bulky and maybe expensive analog circuits anymore and expensive Don't be.

The digital mixer does all of this. The biggest drawback of digital mixers is indirect access to each channel's settings.

But you can consider an infinite number of settings for each channel. MIDI, USB, and analog inputs and outputs eliminate the need for a sound card mixer.

Internal memory and processors are efficient even when there are no other computers. Wireless communications, software updates, color and sometimes touch screens are all characteristics of these devices.

There are digital mixers on the market today that can be as powerful as a Series 2 or 3 Dynacord, but they no longer work wirelessly from your mixer, but from your smartphone, tablet or laptop and whatever The musician may have a tablet with him and adjust your voice! (The best kind of devices for live are digital devices).

Digital mixers have no boundaries and put an infinite world in front of the recorders.

Disadvantages of digital mixers

The only thing here is that most digital mixers aren't power mixers and most require external amplifiers.

Maidas is one of the companies that produces such mixers and has popular products in Iran.

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