Mixer microphone input

Mixer microphone input


This input, also known as the Mic input in mixers, usually has an XLR connector. This connector is usually used to connect a microphone to mixers. This type of input is also known as a cannon.

So don't be surprised if you hear somewhere that says hollow cannon. I suggest you read the section on audio connectors to understand it better. As far as I can remember, all microphones have cannon connectors, with the exception of the old microphones, which, as far as I remember, had a cannon connector. This input is extremely quiet and generally any microphone can be connected.

I suggest that you use good quality microphone cables to connect the microphone to this input, as using a non-standard cable and incorrect soldering can damage the electronics of the mixer or cause noise in the input sound. While it doesn't cause noise, it will definitely weaken the sound.

Phantom power button on the mixer input

When connecting condenser microphones to mixers, you need to keep in mind that you need to activate the Phantom Power button. The location of this button varies in different mixers, and there are also a number of converters for mixers that convert the input to phantom power using a battery. In fact, by activating the phantom button, 48+ volts of power are fed into the microphone through the mixer. I'll cover this in a separate article. Just know that you need to disable this button when using dynamic mics.

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