FX Volume in Dynacord mixer

FX Volume in Dynacord mixer

Volume effect in the mixer

The effect or echo (FX) volumes in Dynacord mixers are located below the parametric equalizer of each line. Generally, effects are known by the letters "FX" in both software and devices.

This is not only for audio work, but you can also see it in various editing and graphics software. Dynacord mixers, such as the PM 2200, have two volume effects for each sound line.

This means that you can apply two effects to the input sound from each row of sounds at the same time. Well, in fact, this is a limitation for recorders. In digital and software mixers, the ability to apply effects to the sound of each sound line is greater.

You have another limitation in Dynacord mixers. The total effects that you can apply on all rows at the same time are no more than two effects. It may be necessary to provide three different effects to three microphones in one application.

Well, it makes sense that a dinosaur mixer won't work for you.

What is the volume effect for?

Effect volumes control the amount of effects the device has on each of the sound lines. Put simply, the higher the volume, the more repetitive the sound repeating after the original sound. The volume of the effect depends on several things compared to the original sound:

  • Volume effect of each line
  • Effect type set for the device
  • Feeder effect rate
  • The amount of effects sent to the outputs
  • Daily rate and feedback adjusted for the effect

Of course, the items I mentioned above are related to the mixer itself. It is quite logical that the type of microphone and the type of bands and equalization set on each band will affect the type of sound and the type of sound of the effect. Usually in the tables, the sound of the memory is adjusted in such a way that after each word, the same word is repeated with the same volume. I will explain how to adjust the sound effects in the future.

Some programs use two effects for each sound line at the same time. This is completely experimental. In some ensembles, two mono and stereo effects are used simultaneously when the praise in the midst of passionate praise begins to act. If you combine the menu effect with Daily 60ms with other effects at the same time, the sound is usually laser. Of course, this is completely experimental.

I suggest you read this article to learn how to adjust the effect.

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