Fx Send output

Fx Send output

effect Send output (Fx Send) is an output without effects. In fact, the Fx Send has two connectors (Fx1 / Fx2) that give you the sound of sound lines without an effect.

The use of this output is to connect the effector or recorder to the mixer. At the bottom of these jacks are two valves "Fx1" and "Fx2", which are used to control the volume of the sound output from these jacks.

For example, you want to record a raw (no effect) sound. In this case, if a beginner intends to do so, use the AUX or MON outputs for this purpose, but the makers of Dynacord have already predicted that wherever you have an effect sound, you may need a raw sound as well.

The Fx Send outputs help you get the raw sound of any sound line to which you apply the Fx1 or Fx2 effects.

One thing to note here is that the effect volumes (Fx) of the line of the sound you want to output without effects must be open.

You may encounter a problem during this process, if you open the volume effect Fx1 or Fx2 for multiple lines of sounds, you will have a combination of raw lines of multiple lines in the Fx Send output.

In general, the Fx Send output has many uses for people who have used the AUX or MON outputs in their mixer for other tasks and have no other outputs to record the raw sound.

Besides sound recording, another application of this output is that you can connect this output to an effector and apply a separate effect from your mixer on it.

Let's say you want the sound of a part of your event to have a distinct effect and this effect may not be present on the default effects of your Dynacord mixer; In this case, these releases will be more useful to you than ever.

In digital mixers or software mixers, you won't have to worry too much about getting raw sound, so this output is only available in analog mixers.

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