Types of mixers

Types of mixers

Types of audio mixers

Suppose we have a concert. We have a drummer, a guitarist, a keyboard player, a singer, an artist, a flutist and a violinist.

It is better to put a microphone for each of these and connect it to separate amplifiers, and for each of them to put a separate and expensive speaker separately, right? Only a very high cost is one of the disadvantages of this work.

Not playing and mixing sounds with each other and a lot of other problems. That's why there is a mixer. The mixer collects the sounds from the inputs, processes them and finally delivers them to the outputs. So the mixer is a system. Mixer types help us to have higher and better sound quality.

Mixer application

We now have 7 audio inputs. But the vacuum mixing, which is possible with a simple and very economical circuit, can be 20,000 Toman.

What we want is sound processing. For example, the vocals of the singer and the drummer should be strong, currently the flutist is not doing the job, the sound of the violin should be medium and the sound of the guitar should be the background.

The violinist starts playing but his high-pitched voice is very strong. The singer wants voice, effects and echo. The drummer's voice should have more lows and highs. We have two monitors, each of which should reproduce the voices of the people in front of them.

All of this is regulated by a device called a mixer, and then it goes to the amplifiers to amplify the sound and then to the speakers to reproduce it.

Functionality of the mixer

A mixer should generally have settings such as equalizer for each channel (dynamic equalizer), volume for each channel, volume or left and right balance for each channel, volumes to send each channel to the monitor, standby buttons, cut-off filters (for sound), Master Equalizer, preferably internal effects, microphone inputs, phantom power, line and insert (for external effects), multimedia inputs, multimedia outputs, outputs for amplifiers, flash player and recorder, documents and retrieval (send and receive) and ... To be.

Depending on the performance, each mixer can have one of these characteristics or, like the very powerful and popular Dynacord Series 3 mixers, have all these characteristics together.


Functionality of the mixer


Types of mixers

The mixers are divided into three general categories:

Analog mixer
Power mixer
Digital mixer

Dynacord analog mixers:

Dynacord Power Mixer:


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