Voice filter button on the sound mixer

Voice filter button on the sound mixer

Voice filter button in the mixer

The Voice Filter button on Dynacord mixers is locuted below the Lo Cut button. The function of this button is to increase the oscillation of the sound signal.

It makes sense that as the signals increase, the sound quality also increases. This button increases the sound quality up to three times in a given frequency range. Typically in most staves, this button is used on the fan microphone line.

How the voice filter button works in the mixer

If this button is activated, the frequencies responsible for the quality, resolution and clarity of the sound will be separated from the inappropriate frequencies in a better order and arrangement and enter the preamp. Which ultimately increases the purity of the sound and corrects the noise and distortion of the sound. With an example, let me tell you that if there are ten kilograms of metal bullets in a container and you put all those bullets in this sieve to separate large and small and you only want to use small bullets, you will see that large bullets remain inside the sieve small bullets are launched and a percentage of your inventory will be practically subtracted.

We have provided this example so that dear users know that when the Weiss filter key is active, the volume and sound quality will be subtracted from its volume, and to compensate for this volume, the user will need high-pitched, low and medium together with Open More the volume slider (feeder) of the sound so that it has the same volume as the transparency.

Keep in mind that the Locut and Weiss filter keys, when exposed to dust, will interrupt the sound and interfere with quality, so prevent dust and moisture from reaching your device.

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