AUX in Dynacord mixers

AUX in Dynacord mixers

AUX output in the mixer

The Aux Send output is commonly used to acquire the output for an effector, power amplifier or recorder. Of course, in some cases, this output is also used to connect active speakers, which is not very common.

Most often it uses the Mon output for active bands. Aux outputs are used to capture long range audio output. That is, these outputs are used to acquire a long, noise-free output.

I think it is a mistake to use these outputs for your active bands because DinaCord itself offers these outputs for recording.

In some cases, an audio output that has less effect than the original sound is required for live playback outside the main audio output on virtual platforms such as Instagram. In this case it is possible to use the AUX outputs.

Registration of AUX releases

Some microphones, which are usually capacitive, use "Phantom Power" or "48+". In Dynacord, you don't have the option to create this for every line.

In Dynacord mixers (or most analog mixers), capacity is provided for a number of lines in general. When a ceiling microphone is connected to the device, in most cases the sound of this microphone will not be reproduced from the bands.

Or rather, you only record the sound of the ceiling microphone.

To do this, you need a different output from the Master output and the REC Send output, which I suggest is the Aux output. Aux outputs have standalone and mono effects.

If you want to use these outputs for recording, you need to create an interface that has one end of the "TRS" headphone jack and one end of the headphone (TS) jack. (TRS plug to connect to Labtab and Benoni plug to connect to the mixer).

Of course, you can also use the Benon to Benon (TS) or Benon (TS) to Canon plug, depending on the type of recorder. Because many recorders now have internal and current inputs.

Always try to use quality cables for connections and conversions. Using poor quality cables can cause disc noise. Don't forget that to output from Aux Send, the Aux volume of the sound line you want to output from must be open.


AUX button placed in the mixer

If this button (Aux Post) is enabled, the entire Aux line will be assigned to the audio feeders. This means that if the sound line power supply changes, the Aux output sound also changes.

In other words, the AUX lines will depend on the faders, and changing the faders will also change the AUX audio output.

AUX power supplies in the mixer

The Aux Faders are used to control and adjust the volume of the Aux outputs. As I explained above, the Aux Send outputs are also used for audio recording.

You can use this fader when recording live audio via USB or cable.


How to apply sound to AUX output

To apply sound to the AUX outputs of Dynacord mixers, do the following:

  • First open the AUX output of the sound line you want to exit.
  • Then open the feeders for the same output. (Here are the "Aux" outputs)
  • Make sure the Aux Post button is disabled.
  • You can then output a sound from the Aux Send output by connecting the (TS) or USB (USB) cables.
  • Be careful not to turn the volume up too high so as not to distort and create noise.

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