web design

Today all companies, large and small, are turning to technology. You rarely see an activity that doesn't move towards advertising in order to progress. See announcements in all public media.

Most of the companies are present on social networks like Facebook and Instagram and all try to get your attention to their products. The better a social media can present itself in cyberspace, the more customers it will have.

Content creation, editing, SEO, photography, graphic design and many more are all about purchasing a product. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are trying to operate in all fields.

You usually know a shop on Instagram or YouTube and rarely choose a shop based on experience. It is logical that before buying from online stores, check the authenticity of the store or its products.

For example, most people check other users' opinions before buying a product, or others look for a video clip to introduce the product. Of course, every large company does not operate in just one medium.

All social pages of a store, such as the Telegram channel, the store's Instagram page, etc., have flaws and the larger a company becomes, the more flaws it has. For example, Instagram doesn't offer the ability to respond to users via a bot or provide a payment gateway for businesses.

Or many social media still don't offer you the ability to connect computer software via API. The reason is that many social networks are not designed to deliver business on a large scale.

Furthermore, you will not be able to provide any services to your customers on social networks. For example, you can't count points for buying every product and encourage customers to make the next purchase.

Therefore, many business managers offer their services to clients through websites in addition to their social pages. Having a website for a company has many advantages and disadvantages.

Using the shop builders

Usually, small businesses turn to store builders early in their work. Store builders are sites that have created store management panels and offer them in different formats.

Usually, the cost of preparing your site using a store builder is much less than preparing a site from scratch. Also, store builders always try to provide an environment for their customers so that any beginner can work with their store management panel.

Store builders offer a variety of features and it's easy to say that for small businesses you won't have to worry too much about building a site with a store builder.

But the problem is that you are not open to any changes in the builders' shop, especially if these changes are on the programmed codes of the site. Usually, store builders don't provide their codes for free to you or programmers who want to modify them.

A store builder may never want to add a feature to their management panel, but that functionality is required. Even a store builder may not be able to support your site for whatever reason and you need to keep working with limited capabilities or rebuild your site from scratch.

The most important point is that it is true that you have not hired any programmers to set up your store, but you must always work with the store builder to upgrade your store and pay monthly support fees in addition to the domain and hosting fees.

This is if there is always an advertisement from the store builder under your site. Usually, store builders charge you a fee to remove the "provided by" text from the footer section of your store.

A store builder always has a limited number of models to offer their customers. And the more these store builders move to get bigger, the more customers they have.

You will find at least 100 other sites with similar templates to yours in the big builder store, for this reason your site will never be unique and whatever possibility you intend to offer, other people will have it for a similar fee. . For this reason, suppliers are never used for international business.

Use of ready-made CMS

There are companies or groups that provide you with predefined templates. These templates are generally crude, but have the option to install plugins according to your needs.

On the other hand, these templates are used safely all over the world, which increases the level of safety and quality of these CMSs compared to store builders.

CMS also has many advantages and disadvantages. Most of these cm are offered for free, but some are licensed and you even have to pay for its installation and customization.

Some standard CMSs have security issues. You certainly don't want your customer list and contact information to be misused. Or your competitors make your site inaccessible to users by paying a commission.

On the other hand, customizing some of these CMSs requires plugins which may be a bit expensive. Or you need special skills to edit these CMSs.

In terms of security, these CMSs are offered to thousands of people, so their security issues are spotted very quickly and the only thing you need to do is keep these CMSs up to date.

The plugins and templates of these CMS are also very different and you won't need a programmer to provide a lot of functionality. These plugins are already made. All you need to do is prepare these plugins and install them on your CMS.

Of course, when you install a site on these CMS, you will definitely have more worries than the store builders, or you may even need a programmer in some cases.

CMSs usually try to provide you with an environment where you don't need programming knowledge, but you definitely need to hire a program, both in the builder store and in the CMS, if you intend to provide a special and unique functionality. a writer.

One of the other advantages of CMS is that, having many users, you can easily find tutorials to solve your problem in case of problems. One of the most popular CMS is WordPress.

WordPress sites, which have a lot of fans in Iran, is a blog that is also used as a shop. Of course, this is very wrong, but in reality, with a WordPress site, you will have a cheap store.

WordPress was never originally built for a store, WordPress is great and unique as a blog. But using it as a store creates problems for the site that not only affect you, but users also have to deal with.

But there are many other store-designed CMSs and you can use them. Many companies also use the custom model of these CMSs.

Website design from scratch

Usually, large companies design their sites from scratch. A company always aims to work differently from other companies. For this reason we try to design professional websites with special features for large companies where the quality of work is very important.

The facilities of these sites may be inferior to CMS, but this is not very important to companies because the site provides them with all the facilities they need.

On the other hand, these sites have a very high speed compared to other sites because the purpose of these sites was clear from the beginning. You need programmers in different fields to implement such a site. For this reason, the implementation of such projects will generally be very expensive.

It is not possible to comment much on the safety of such sites and it depends on the cost that the employer has considered for such projects. But in general, large companies like Amazon never use ready-made CMS.

Of course, this is very expensive for small businesses, but in large companies, such as companies with several thousand employees, the functionality and speed of a site is the first priority and the cost will not be of great importance to the company.