Today, composition is one of the most important parts that are given great importance in any project. The process of composing and creating new music has many methods and methods, but many composers today use modern and up-to-date software to produce attractive music.

Software such as Ableton, FL Studio, and Cubase are just a small part of several hundred software that help you complete the composition process successfully. But the matter is a little more complicated than learning the tools.

In order for the quality of work to increase and you will get the desired result at the end of the work, you will need a lot of experimental knowledge, which is only part of this experience.

A composer constantly learns and creates throughout his life. He imagines how an artist looks at each painting from an artistic perspective; A composer always thinks about music with everything he does during the day.

There are many people who have learned to work with musical instruments, there are also many people who do music every day as singers, or many people who can work with sound mixing and mastering software but are not necessarily good composers.




Every year, many people in our country study music theory and notation of various instruments, but the result of these courses is that only a few manage to acquire skills in these classes and work in this field and earn it.

I have said all these things to get to the point that composition, like many specialized fields, requires a lot of skill and experience, and the knowledge of composition never ends.

You can start studying music and all kinds of instruments right now or you can switch to a music composition software and increase your knowledge in these fields, but you can never claim to have learned all the science of music.

On the MixSeda website we help people who do not have the knowledge to produce music, but need a song in the shortest possible time to complete their projects; We help them complete their project as quickly as possible before they want to start learning music.

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