Stage sound

Scene sound meaning is a set of tools that you can use to receive and record the sound of a scene. The collection of stage sound products includes all types of microphones, mixers, recorders, headmics, travel guides, booms and cassettes.

Of course, this is the only sound equipment on the main stage, and sometimes multiple instruments are needed to produce the sound in this area. The equipment used for the stage sound is always of excellent quality.

Usually, in this field, people don't look for cheap or low quality products, because the sound quality of the stage is one of the most important working criteria. Microphones that have the lowest amount of noise are usually used for this purpose.

Since the stage sound can come from outside, you may also need portable mixers to prepare the stage sound. Or you need to use microphones that are more sensitive to sound waves.

As for the companies that make these products, there are many brands that make audio products, but the products of many of these companies are not used in stage sound because they are not of sufficient quality.

Usually, people use brands like ZOOM, Marantz, Boya or Audio-Technica for the sound of the stage. Well, products from these brands are usually priced higher than other brands, that's why beginners go for cheaper brands to get started.

Buying a quality product from a reputable brand will make you useless for a long time. Also, it increases the quality of work and makes your production more professional. Our suggestion to mixseda is to buy quality products.

Perhaps these products are more expensive than other products in the beginning due to their brand and good history, but experience has shown that cheap products are of poor quality and if you buy such products, you will spend more money over time.

As for the microphone, you can never do professional projects with just one microphone. You will need a variety of microphones to be able to produce stage sound in any field and space.

Such as camera microphones, lapel microphones, shotgun microphones, wireless microphones, hashfoo microphones, or even microphones that connect as an extension to devices such as cell phones.

Each of these microphones has its uses and you will need them all to be able to complete your project in all available spaces. If you have any questions about any of the content mentioned on the site, you can share it with us through the communication channels.