PSP auralControl surround plug-in

Friday, August 19, 2022

PSP auralControl surround plug-in

PSPaudioware have released PSP auralControl, the first plug-in in their new PSP auralSeries. Developed in close collaboration with top surround mixers, the plug-in aims to offer individual control over level, polarity, bandwidth and timing for each individual channel in a set of predefined industry standard multi-channel formats.

With uses ranging from the simple re-balancing of multi-channel stems, through to advanced routing possibilities when working with effects such as reverbs in immersive audio applications, PSPaudioware say that PSP auralControl offers straightforward solutions to make mix engineers’ lives easier. A wide variety of formats are catered for, from stereo and mid-side up to 7.1.2 surround, and the plug-in is also equipped with peak metering as well as mute and solo functions for each channel.

Each channel in the selected format is represented by a mixer channel within the plug-in’s GUI, each equipped with a fader for setting the level, and three rotary controls for adjusting the channel’s delay, low-pass and high-pass filters. Mute and solo functions are available underneath the fader, as well as a button to reverse the channel’s polarity. All parameters can be controlled in predefined or custom groups, or individually for each channel in the multi-channel set.

“PSP auralControl is an absolutely fantastic and essential new utility plug-in for surround mixing. The ability to filter out just the rear channels and delay them further from the front without having to setup tons of complicated routing is a massive time-saver for things like surround FX returns. It is going to end up on everything now.” - Jason LaRocca
Music Producer and Scoring Mixer - ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’, ‘Morbius’, ‘Bad Boys for Life’, ‘Fortnite’


PSP auralControl surround plug-in


In terms of compatibility, PSP auralControl is supported on Windows 7 to Windows 11, and macOS 12.12 to macOS 12.04. The plug-in requires the latest version of the iLok Manager application to be installed, but does not require an iLok dongle to run. Currently, the only plug-in format supported is AAX, meaning it is only available for Pro Tools users, however PSPaudioware say that VST3 and AU versions are coming later this year.


PSP auralControl is available now from the PSPaudioware website, and is currently being offered for an introductory price of $39. After 30 September 2022, the price will increase to $49.

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